Peptide industry companies get together and go public


2022-01-26 11:00

For most people, peptides are still an unfamiliar concept. In fact, almost all cells are regulated by polypeptides, which are involved in various fields such as hormones, nerves, cell growth and reproduction, so they are widely used in many aspects such as drugs, drug carriers, tissue engineering materials and nutritional foods. Nobel laureate Steven Chu once asserted that the 21st century is the century of polypeptides.

Specifically in the field of medicine, peptide drugs are mainly used for the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, immunometabolic diseases, blood diseases, infectious diseases, and also have significant effects on pain relief, memory loss, and mental disorders. Due to the above-mentioned multiple advantages, the market size of peptide drugs has been increasing faster than the overall drug market.

However, due to the special physicochemical properties of polypeptides, its research and development is difficult, which also determines the high barriers and high gross profit margins of the industry. Take Shu Taishen, which independently developed the national first-class new drug "Su Taisheng", as an example. In the first quarter of this year, the gross profit margin of its main business was 91.08%, which is close to that of Kweichow Moutai. Shu Taishen's mid-term report predicted that the net profit in the first half of the year increased by 130%-180% compared with the same period last year. As of yesterday's close, the stock has risen 179.95% in the past year.

In addition to Shutaishen, currently in the A-share market, companies that produce polypeptide drugs include Hanyu Pharmaceutical, Haipurui, Neptunus Biology, Yuheng Pharmaceutical, and Heiniu Food. In addition, Shuangcheng Pharmaceutical, which has passed the review of the Issuance Examination Committee, is also expected to be listed in the near future.