Tang Yue, deputy to the National People's Congress: vigorously support the development of the peptide innovative drug industry


2022-01-26 10:52


Tang Yue, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Chutian Technology, will submit a proposal on "Proposals on Vigorously Supporting the Development of the Peptide Innovative Drug Industry" at the forthcoming Fourth Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress.

Representative Tang Yue believes that peptides are widely used in medicine, cosmetics, nutritional products and other fields, and it is of great significance to promote the development of my country's peptide innovative drug industry, but its research and development of new drugs faces great technical challenges, and the domestic peptide pharmaceutical industry chain is incomplete and lacks industry. At the same time, the synthesis equipment and separation and purification equipment for the preparation of polypeptides mainly rely on imports, and it is urgent to open up a new way in the research of basic preparation and purification equipment. To this end, he recommends:

1. Incorporate the overall development of the peptide innovative drug industry into the major development strategy of the national pharmaceutical industry, especially the special strategy of the "14th Five-Year Plan" development plan, and comprehensively use various support policies such as finance, taxation, and capital market, starting from solving the basic stuck neck project , focusing on support to achieve a staged breakthrough in peptide drug innovation.

2. Encourage enterprises to speed up technological innovation. Select a number of companies (projects) with the ability to develop and innovate new peptide drugs to be included in the "National Major New Drug Creation" National Science and Technology Major Project, and give priority to promoting the use of domestic peptide synthesis equipment, purification equipment and domestic fillers, so that peptide research can be truly localized.

3. Formulate relevant talent policies. Vigorously introduce professional leading talents around the development of innovative peptide drugs, and solve the bottleneck of talents in the development of peptide industry by formulating industrial policies for peptide development, talent incentive policies, and talent cultivation policies, and encouraging and advocating the large-scale use of domestic key equipment.

4. Concentrate on building a number of polypeptide biomedical industrial parks with demonstration and driving effects. Vigorously promote domestic research equipment and production industrial equipment.